A Deer Surprise

I wake up. Sweating. Heart pounding. A visualization in my head that was impossible to shake. A scenario that sickens me. What if it really would happen? Could it happen right this very moment? I had to get up, get up and sit in the safety of my trusty recliner. I looked out the window toward the street. Was there anybody out there? It was pitch dark – not a streetlight in sight. Where are my  kids? They are home; they are safe and sound. Why can’t I get rid, rid of this disturbing thought that’s engulfing me? I turn to look out the window facing my yard. It’s a familiar view. A peaceful view. A calming view. Was I seeing things? I look again trying to focus my eyes. Seven deer are milling around without a care in the world. No danger. No fear. I stare at the silent beauty for a long time. I fall asleep.

5 thoughts on “A Deer Surprise

  1. What did you visualize, Linda?? I’m afraid I don’t want to know!

    This was an emotional Slice – my heart was pounding with yours as I wondered what it could have been, and then I found myself calming down with you at the end.

  2. Lovely. From terror to peace in 7 lines. We have a heron that lives on the island in the pond in the park I go to. I always think it is a good omen when I see it.

  3. The worst feeling in the world is trying to calm yourself after being awakened from sleep in this manner and then trying to fall back to sleep. The scene in your backyard took your mind and the reader to a calmer, safer place.

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