Scissors + Hair = Trouble


It’s a fascination for kids. When you put two kids and scissors together, it’s trouble. I don’t remember the mishap, but I do remember what I looked like afterwards. According to my mother, I asked Dave, my neighbor to give me a haircut. I was in first grade, and he was in third. I should have asked him for his credentials, but I think he was too young for beauty school. I don’t know what I thought he should cut; I already had a pixie. Well there were the bangs, and that’s exactly what Dave went for. My mother was mortified when I came home with an upside-down V cut into my bangs. The worst part of it all was that picture day was that week. What is a mother to do? I’ll tell you what she did. She cut my bangs way up high; I looked  like a real dork.

You think I would have remembered the debacle years later when I gave my daughter a beauty shop doll of some sort (scissors included). How was I supposed to know those scissors worked so well on humans? I was in the kitchen doing some “womanly” chore. Lia and her friend, Rachel, were playing so nice and quiet in the bedroom. But wait, the door was closed. Mommies out there, you know that means trouble. I popped into the room, and everything seemed normal. Well, except for the pile of hair in the middle of the floor. Don’t worry, it was only doll’s hair. Why were the girls so far away from the doll? Why were they sitting on the floor with their heads plastered to Lia’s mattress? I looked at the floor again, and noticed something that made me gasp. A long, thick ponytail….detached…… I reacted. I inquired. I made them get up. I was shocked!! The girls had cut each other’s ponytails off, leaving a hairstyle I can’t even begin to describe. Rachel had the most beautiful, wavy, thick, long hair. I remember thinking – Her mother is going to kill me. Needless to say, they both ended up with some sort of bob, and I ended up tossing that doll.


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