I Can’t Live Without One??

I just want to sleep. Sleep in.  Just once. But no, I can’t. It starts with a little whine. Ignore… Then the whine gets a bit louder. Ignore… It turns into a muffles bark. Ignore… The decibals increase. Ignore…  The frequency intensifies.  I can’t take it anymore!!  I get up. I’m unsteady. I’m half asleep. I let her out. She’s wide awake.  I just want to sleep. Sleep in.  Just once…..

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Live Without One??

  1. I have one of these four footed alarm clocks too! Once in a while, if I’m really tired, I give her a little snack before bed, so that she will sleep a teeny bit longer. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Maybe there will be time for a nap later!

  2. I guess it goes from babies to pets – those that won’t let us sleep in. Although, I don’t have either and it’s my own mind that won’t let me sleep! I hope you get to go back to sleep during this frigid spring break of ours!

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