A man, born on February 12th, honest as Abe

A community server, a positive force, work ethic strong

A pleaser, a pal, popular in town

A chuckler, a comic, humored by his own puns

A listener, an advisor, judging no one

                      My Dad

14 thoughts on “Missing

  1. What a great slice! Few words that speak an entire story of a strong, ethical man with so much to offer, including a good sense of humor. What a nice tribute to your dad! Share!

  2. This is great, Linda. I’m in awe of how you could describe someone so completely using just a few words! I loved “honest as Abe” and the “humored by his own puns”. Sounds like someone I’d want to hang around. Nice job – we should show this piece to some students and have them write their own about someone!!

  3. Beautiful. Your father sounds like a marvelous man. The structure you chose for you poem worked perfectly. The way you grouped like characteristics and used alliteration in places along the way helped make it flow. What a wonderful tribute.


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