Not so Tech Savvy

I was thinking about technology and wondering, should everyone be expected to use a computer and navigate the World Wide Web??  I’m not sure, but I am going over to a friend’s tonight to help her go online and pay her bills. Her husband is in the hospital after brain surgery, and she had no idea what to do. I think he went paperless too, which is something I have not done. Will his bills just appear on the site where he pays his bills? I know I will help her figure things out, but what about all the other people who have no clue what to do? What about my husband? He has been to some basic classes, and I have tried to show him how to search for items, but I just don’t have enough patience. “What do you mean right click! Minimize what? Which small box?” Those are just a few things my husband shouts out as he tries to browse the internet or check his e-mail. I’m not sure about my stance, we will see after tonight….

6 thoughts on “Not so Tech Savvy

  1. Hope it goes ok! I think about going paperless, but have never been quite brave enough to actually do it. Is this your friend who you wrote about last week? How is he doing?

    • Yes, it’s my friend whose husband takes care of everything. He had a cancerous brain tumor removed, but the worst type. Then my friend’s daughter hit my car in the driveway and didn’t tell me AHHHH

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