Kiss Me I’m Polish


First of all I am not trying to diminish St. Patrick’s Day, but you see, I’m Polish.  So the saying that everyone is Irish today does not apply to me.  I remember that St. Patty’s Day was not a big deal in my home, but we did acknowledge St. Joseph’s Day, March 19th. We would wear red that day, but not many people that I knew even heard about St. Joseph’s Day.  As I got a little older, I rebelled and wore red on St. Patrick’s Day along with an oversized button that read, KISS ME I’M POLISH. I guess I was a little irritated that the Irish were getting all the attention.  

So for those of you who don’t really know anything about St. Joseph’s Day, here are some tidbits.  The dedication to St. Joseph started in the 10th century.  St. Joseph’s Day is Father’s Day in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.  From the 1890’s-1930’s Polish and Italian immigrants were faced with a large group of Irish Roman Catholics who were unsympathetic to cultures they didn’t understand. So the Poles and Italians built their own churches and imported priests from Italy and Poland. St. Joseph’s a Day became a day to celebrate Polish and Italian ethnic pride by wearing red, a color that appears on both countries’ flags.

O.k. I won’t bore you anymore, and I don’t expect everyone to be Polish or Italian this coming Wednesday, St. Joseph’s Day.  LOL

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