Mrs. Genens

Mrs. Genens was my childhood neighbor who live directly across the street from me. From the age of 3 on, I was shipped off to  Mrs. Genen’s house quite often. I was the middle child, and I think I drove my mom crazy.

Mrs. Genens taught me how to make perfect circles and ovals that linked together like Venn diagrams. Maybe that is one reason why I became a teacher.

Mrs. Genens let me experiment on her organ where I played chop sticks and other random melodies. Maybe that’s one reason I love playing and listening to music.

Mrs. Genens and I watched the Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke shows together in her den on countless afternoons. Maybe that’s why you can find me in the kitchen quite often watching reruns of old T.V. shows.

Mrs. Genens introduced me to my first Chinese dish (beef chop suey). Maybe that’s why my children and I have had the pleasure of eating take-out Chinese food from a  multitude of restaurants.

Mrs. Genens and I sat together on her screened in porch on warm summer days drinking homemade ice tea. Maybe that’s why I look forward to drinking some cold ones with my neighbors on summer evenings.

Mrs. Genens was deemed, “The Candy Lady” because she used to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. She had these jumbo jaw breakers that could bust out your teeth if you weren’t careful. Maybe that’s why I enjoy sharing candy with my students and staff.

Mrs. Genens loved the snow, and we would watch the snowflakes fall outside her picture window noticing how no two snowflakes were alike. Maybe that’s why I get so excited when it snows!

Mrs. Genens had the best laugh that I can remember to this day. (I think she was laughing at me..) Maybe that’s why I love to laugh.

Mrs. Genens lost her husband when I was quite young; he was like a Grandpa to me. This was my first loss, and I remember trying to console a lost soul. Maybe that’s why I feel empathy for people in pain.

I was thinking…. Maybe you or I have made these type of impacts on our students, and that one day we may show up in a blog…Hmmm….

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Genens

  1. Like mettamusic, I love how you show the connections between your time with Mrs. Genens and who you are today. And I love your last line- what an honor it would be to know that you had had this kind of influence on someone’s life!

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