Warning Signs

Warning signs. Do people ignore them to avoid reality? Do people ignore them because they are stubborn?

I told my friend that what appeared to be coincidences were probably warning signs. Her husband had two incidences in the past three months that I told her sounded like mini-strokes. The first incident happened while her husband was on a business trip. Supposedly he was sleepwalking in his underwear in the hallway of a hotel, and he injured his arm. Funny incident, but was it a sign?? Then several weeks later, he was in the basement putting Christmas decorations away when he came up the stairs not making any sense. He had a bump on his head, so maybe he bumped it on the rafters. He took a short nap and seemed fine.  Couldn’t that have been a sign? My friend called me afterwards and told me what happened. I then thought about the previous incident. I asked her if she thought he could have been having mini-strokes. She was like, “Oh, I never thought about that!” I told her to tell him to go to the Dr. to get checked out. She said he would only get mad. I asked her if she wanted my husband to talk to him. She said that nobody was supposed to know. I’m not sure if she ever mentioned it to him.

Guess what happened this morning? I received a text from my friend; her husband is in intensive care. I feel sick. He has been seizing, and they can’t get him to stop. He has a large circular spot on his brain. I KNEW IT!  There were signs, but nobody did anything! Maybe my husband should have told him, or I should have pressured my friend into telling her husband to go to the Dr.

Warning signs – Don’t ignore them……..

6 thoughts on “Warning Signs

  1. oh, Linda, this gave me the chills. I sure hope your friend’s husband is ok!! I think sometimes people don’t want to seem paranoid, so they brush things off, you know? Maybe by simply telling this story, you’ve saved some other people. Maybe they’ll listen to warning signs because they’ll remember your words.

  2. Linda…yes, you did do as much as you could. I am sure your friend is wondering right now the ‘what if’ like what if she had listened to you….so she may be needing your support a lot right now. It is easy to look back and say, ‘what if’ but that does not good. I hope things turn out okay…please keep us informed. My heart goes out to all of you. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh my gosh – it’s so difficult to know exactly how hard to push people to do something. We say to ourselves, well they’re adults – or – it’s their life, I shouldn’t butt in. Believe me, I understand! I was searching for something to slice about for tomorrow and I think you just gave me an idea. Thanks for sharing.

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