And Why Am I Living in Illinois??

     So I get home yesterday after a long day with a throbbing headache. I unload the groceries, and minutes later my daughter, Lia flies through the door in a tizzy. “Mom, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all day!” Well, this is like the only day this school year where I didn’t have my  battery charged before heading off to work. For those of you who know me, “Ouch!” 

 Anyways, Lia begins to ramble about the dental hygienist school closing down and about a law that might pass this Wednesday allowing dental assistants to be trained by dentists which would make it impossible to get a job and that dentists would pay hygienists so much less money and that there is a petition we had to sign and……. I told Lia to hang on a minute (my head was reeling).  While she was looking online to find out who to complain to, I plugged my phone in, and up pops Lia’s text. “Omgosh if this one bill passes to let assistants learn on the job and scale, they will take our jobs and the school will shut down, and we will be screwed.”  I’m not sure if I was lucky that my cell phone battery died that day or not.. Maybe I was lucky- But I’m thinking that I’m not so lucky to live in the state of Illinois. First and always there’s corruption, then there’s pension reform, and now this? So I’ve dished out thousands of dollars for my daughter’s education, and I haven’t’ recieved a dime from the government to subsidize college costs, and it might be all for naught? 

The only lucky thing about living in Illinois is having my family, friends, and neighbors here with me, and Oh Yeah, don’t let me forgot the weather!!!!

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