A Bad Day For Dogs

Dogs beware!!  December 21st is like Friday the 13th for you unless that is the day you are ready to die…..

I was so excited the day I found out that my neighbor, an elderly lady, shared the same birthday as me!! We had a little bond going and we also had a love of dogs in common. So, it was a very sad day for the both of us when I found out her dog died on our birthday. What an unfortunate  day for all three of us!  Well that was only the beginning.

So several years later, I’m all pumped up for my 16th birthday. All my friends are coming over for the big day to celebrate the next phase of my life. Well little did I know that is was going to be the last phase of my childhood dog and friend, Jingles. Yup, you guessed it, Jingled decided to end her last day on earth on my 16th birthday. Talk about a bummer – how could anyone celebrate on a day like that!         

But no, it didn’t stop there. Now I’m in my adult years, and I’m thinking that dogs are now safe on December 21st.  Wrong………. I’m dog sitting my mother-in-laws Pomeranian Spike, who by the way was the stinkiest dog I’ve ever met. My in-laws are enjoying themselves in sunny Orlando, Florida. This was a year where it started snowing in November and never really quit. Well, Spike is getting on in years, but aging gracefully. That is until my lovely daughter, Lia decides to take Spike out to do his duty. Where better to put an old dog but on the top of a huge snowdrift?  Well Spike’s equilibrium wasn’t quite intact, and guess where he ended up?? Yup, flat on his back on the sidewalk; I guess he couldn’t see too well either. Spike didn’t feel too well after that and kind of lost his appetite although according to my mother-in-law, he was on his way out anyway. I wanted to take him to the vet after he refused to eat for a couple of days.

In the meantime, my mother in law had come home to a house without heat. “Do you think it would be alright if you watched Spike until our furnace gets fixed?” my mother-in-law pleaded. I told her Spike needed to go to the vet, but my mother-in law refused.  So I wake up, it’s December 21st, my birthday, YEAH!  Oh but wait, Spike needs to go out or……..maybe he doesn’t. That’s because he’s DEAD!

I’m telling you Dogs, watch out on December 21st>………………………….



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